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Cacao Island[4] Aside from her gaining the Memo-Memo no Mi, Pudding also has a chance of awakening the power of the Three-Eyed Tribe. It goes without saying that Eiichiro Oda created yet another incredible personality in Charlotte Pudding. 16[5] Using this power, Pudding is said to have fooled a countless number of people over time. While on the way to the harbor, Oven caught up to them and confronted Chiffon again before deciding to use her as a hostage to force Bege to surrender. Charlotte Family;[2] Big Mom Pirates[3] Pudding only added to the list of Sanji's victims, and arguably, she's the most important of all of them in the entire series. During one occasion, Pudding reached her breaking point and sought revenge on her bullies by attacking them with a knife. [13] Sanji's departure left Pudding deeply sad and heartbroken, as she was crying while thinking about the memories she had with Sanji. Listen. Essentially, this makes Charlotte Pudding only the second person to have fallen in love with a Straw Hat, the first being Boa Hancock. [15] Although she attempted to kill Sanji (even after he saved her life) while admitting about her true nature and that she had deceived him, Sanji surmised that Pudding was deceiving herself as much as she was deceiving others.[14]. [26] This was merely an act, as it is revealed that she has fallen in love with Sanji due to his kindness and being the first (and only) to ever say something nice about her third eye. She shares her mother's sadistic lust for violence. She seemed to have truly loved Sanji and wanted to marry him, but understood his wishes of wanting to return to his crew, and was even willing to help his crewmates rescue him. When she was a child, Pudding was bullied and ridiculed for her third eye. Pudding breaks down and is unable to shoot Sanji. Unbeknownst to her, Sanji overheard her conversation with his sister, and he was very shocked when he saw her true persona and third eye for the first time, and became devastated when she revealed that she and her mother had intended to kill the entire Vinsmoke Family during the ceremony. Deep down, Pudding despises her mother for her cruelty and for viewing her as nothing more than a doll and for being so controlling in her life. Under her mother's rule, she decided to cover her eye with her hair, which escalated to hiding more aspects of herself. Pudding apologized for the harm her siblings had inflicted on the Straw Hats, and apologized for not meeting them on the coast like they agreed. However, Pudding did aid the team by helping them reach the coast where their ship was located. Examples pertaining to the New World era can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary. Initially, she jumped to the side of the Straw Hat Pirates, only to be revealed to have set up the entire crew later on. Pudding's second outfit during the Whole Cake Island Arc. She actually possesses a strong inferiority complex concerning her third eye, planted by the mocking of children during her youth, and her own mother's tactless and mean comments. Even her mother found her third eye unattractive and told her to grow out her bangs to hide it. [14] Later, Pudding personally witnessed Sanji's kindness by watching him heroically saving Nami from falling as she looked in shock.[32]. [32], Later, the Tamatebako fell to the base of the Whole Cake Chateau and exploded, causing the Chateau to topple over. Pudding's Last Wish!, on Crunchyroll. However, after Sanji called her third eye beautiful, she broke down, due to being unable in that moment to shoot the first person to compliment her third eye. Pudding also has navigation skills. [9] She was once Sanji's arranged fiancée, per the political agreement between their families. [15] Pudding is also aware that her mother only favors her due to her potential to awaken the ability to decipher the Ponyglyphs and knows that her mother's "love" for her is solely based on how useful she is. Pudding est une jeune femme aux grands yeux ronds bleus (roses-marrons dans l'anime) et aux lèvres proéminentes. Memory Pudding revealing her true nature. Pudding herself planned to modify all their memories after the Vinsmoke Family assassination, though is dismayed by the immense amount of hard work that is required. [2], She was initially an enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates, but after genuinely falling in love with Sanji, this changed as she tried to help them escape from her mother, Charlotte Linlin. Daifuku considered his own younger sister to be a "useless good for nothing" for failing in her task and even slapped her away to take her place to kill Sanji himself. Introduced back in Sabaody Archipelago by Rayleigh, the Voice of All Things gives one the power to hear objects, including the Poneglyphs. [14], When Pudding claimed that she planned to put her sister Charlotte Chiffon into submission, the townspeople in Sweet City were shocked at the devious look she had on her face. It would be fine as a one sided attraction. She then had the guards take Reiju to the infirmary. [15], At some point during her childhood, she talked to her sister Lola before she fled Totto Land to escape an arranged marriage. offer finest quality One Piece Charlotte Pudding Golden Cosplay Wig and other related cosplay accessories in low price. In truth, Pudding is very timid, sensitive, and frightful, which she flawlessly hid with her superior acting skills. Appearing as though initially not knowing who they were, she was hospitable towards Luffy's Sanji Retrieval Team as she took them to her home and fed them. Moments afterwards, Big Mom entered a rampage induced by a craving for wedding cake. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? As the team continued fleeing from Big Mom, Pudding and Chiffon approached them. Pudding captures Reiju and reveals her true nature. One Piece Main Character Index Straw Hat … On the wedding day, Pudding was in her room wearing her wedding dress and commented to her homies that it would be a bother having to alter many people's memories after killing Sanji. Shārotto Purin Her most defining feature is her third eye on her forehead, which is usually covered by her bangs.[1]. [16], While baking the cake for Big Mom, Pudding expressed her concern for Luffy's safety due to his fight with Katakuri.[28]. With Charlotte Flampe being introduced as the 33rd daughter at 15 years old, Pudding was initially assumed to be younger than 15, which was catastrophic. One Piece fans were delighted to see that the last episode of the anime series has not only kicked off Sanji and Pudding's wedding, but Luffy … Asadora! [34] While waiting for Luffy on Cacao Island, Sanji decided to part ways with Pudding once Luffy returned and thanked Pudding again for her help. Despite being one of the youngest members of the Charlotte Family, Pudding is already a Minister of Totland, which implies that she's extremely powerful and holds decent authority in the crew. When she approached the team, Luffy was angry to see her again but was confused by her erratic personality disorder as her outward expressions rapidly switches between wanting to help them and wanting them dead. One such thread was the mysterious parting of Sanji and Pudding, where Pudding seemed to do something to Sanji that was left unclear to fans at the time. [19] When Sanji arrived on Totto Land, Pudding pretended to be in love with him and acted like she wanted them to have a happy marriage together, even being receptive to making an effort to free him from the marriage. She also showed knowledge of the New World navigation method with a Log Pose that relies on the change in direction or sensitivity of each needle as opposed to choosing to follow only one. Perospero managed to briefly divert her to the Straw Hats, and Pudding revealed that she could make a cake on Cacao Island with the help of Chiffon, whom she would force into assistance. As a child, Pudding was abused and ridiculed because of her third eye. She is currently the only known member of the Three-Eye Tribe. [10] Chiffon also acted as the voice of reason for Pudding whenever the latter's "evil" self appeared and explained Pudding's true intentions though she was exasperated by her sister's personality shifts. [26] During their journey to save the Straw Hats, Chiffon brought up the times they used to make cakes together, hinting that they were close. At the Whole Cake Chateau prior to the wedding, she wore a light pink dress. He then explained to her how his family treated him and the reason he left them in the first place as well as how they were blackmailing him into going through with the marriage. She and Sanji then flew into the wedding ceremony on a teacup on top of Zeus.[21][39]. Devil Fruit She keeps various memory frames stored in her room so she can add them to other people's memories. Once unlocked, Pudding can successfully understand the writings on Poneglyphs without having to read them. Vol. Quand elle était enfant, elle portait une jupe rouge et avait la même … [27] While approaching the Thousand Sunny, Pudding and Sanji left the cake in Bege's hands and used Rabiyan to fly to the Sunny and join up with the Straw Hats. During her "wedding" with Sanji, she wore a white bridal outfit with roses on both side on her hair. Away from her family, Pudding shows another personality, more closely resembling to her true self. Chapter 651; Episode 571[1] [33] Eventually, Pudding and the chefs completed the cake. However, he also told her that he could not marry her, because it would forcibly separate him from his crew. Interestingly, she's also her 79th child, which means that after Charlotte Pudding, only 6 more children have been given birth to by the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin. When she parted ways with Sanji, Pudding wears a cloak. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Vinsmoke Reiju originally claimed that she thought of Pudding as "sweet", and would be a fitting wife for Sanji. [19] Before selective targets as much as in public, Pudding can unerringly adopt the personality traits of a wholly kind, gentle, and innocent woman in vast contrast to her true self, fooling nearly anyone she wants into utter manipulation, including the citizenry of Totto Land at large and some of the Straw Hats, such as Luffy and the smart, mindful Nami and Sanji[4][18][37] (despite Luffy's and Sanji's aptitude in Kenbunshoku Haki, to the point where said three were utterly befuddled upon learning the truth); supposedly only her family is aware of Pudding's true nature. As Pudding gloated at Reiju, mocking Sanji in Reiju's presence and speaking sadistically about the upcoming plans to have all the Vinsmokes murdered, Reiju listened passively before replying with sarcasm, which Pudding brushed aside. As Pudding panicked, Pedro quickly restrained her by holding a sword to her throat, much to Nami's chagrin. [28] When the chefs depart with the second wedding cake, Oven allowed Pudding to pass, but he ignored her when she begged him not to harm Chiffon.[17]. [22][24] She then whispered with a sinister expression that she planned to assassinate him at the wedding, shocking and angering Luffy and Nami. Eventually, these cruel experiences utterly twisted and corrupted her personality, and she ruthlessly retaliated by stabbing one of the bullies with a knife and mercilessly hunted down the rest. Pudding: Maybe he stayed on the ship hoping I'd go there to find him! [20], On the day of the wedding, Pudding expressed dismay at the thought of her dress becoming splattered with blood after killing Sanji (whom she referred to as an "idiot"). Status: Spoilers in Charlotte Pudding's entry are also unmarked. However, much to her surprise, Sanji said in admiration that her third eye was beautiful when he took a look at it up close. On the day of the marriage, all the citizens in Totto Land happily celebrated, expressing great joy for Pudding. But with Pudding, we got to … Brûlée spoke to Pudding through a Den Den Mushi and informed her about the Straw Hats' planned rendezvous point, Luffy's battle with Katakuri, and Oven's arrival at Cacao Island. For instance, Charlotte Katakuri had powers related to Mochi, while Perospero had the ability to manipulate Candy. 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The big revelation was made at the end of One Piece chapter 999. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Pudding later shot Vinsmoke Reiju[42] and held her prisoner. Miyuki SawashiroHouko Kuwashima (Episode 856-Episode 863) Sanji treats Nami like he treats every beautiful pair of tits and ass, like a desperate horn dog. Sanji told Pudding that they would be parting ways when Luffy returned and also told her that he was glad that she was his fiancee, causing Pudding to become emotional. [14] Despite that, Daifuku did not object when Pudding volunteered to make a new wedding cake for Big Mom. In truth, Pudding is very timid, sensitive, and frightful, which she flawlessly hid with her superior acting skills. Meaning: [26] It was due to her skill that she was requested to succeed Lola as the Minister of Chocolate. At Dressrosa, Sanji succeeded in changing the nature of Viola, who was initially revealed to be a member of the Donquixote Pirates. After arriving back at Cacao Island, Sanji and Pudding hid in the shadows as they saw the forces the Big Mom Pirates gathered there. As Pudding constrained Reiju's arms using her homie Nitro, she revealed that she never wanted to marry Sanji at all, but was putting on an act to set up the Vinsmoke Family's massacre at the wedding ceremony. After many years of the One Piece being left untouched, it has finally been found by one Monkey D. Luffy. [19] However, like most of her siblings, she is afraid of her mother. However, like many other side characters in Eiichiro Oda's series, Pudding splits opinion among the fans. English Name: In her room, Pudding apologized to Sanji for not bringing him to Luffy as she originally planned. [16] Chiffon also scolded Pudding when she mocked Sanji after they completed the substitute wedding cake. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them anywhere in the world. [13] After Big Mom's craving stopped, the citizens praised Pudding. However, after they landed, she immediately resumed her efforts to try to kill him but failed each time. [17] As the Nostra Castello moved onto Cacao Island with tank treads, Sanji used a kick to lift the carriage holding the chefs (including Pudding and Chiffon) and the cake onto the deck of Bege's ship. Pudding is one of the youngest children of Big Mom, being the 35th daughter of Big Mom. *Pudding flies in the direction of the ship* As a child, Pudding was abused and ridiculed because of her third eye. Oven allowed Pudding to pass but attacked Chiffon for her role in Bege's assassination attempt. Pudding uses a Walker .36 Caliber Percussion revolver which is loaded with Candy Jacket bullets with extraordinary percussive power, able to penetrate the armored skeletons of the Vinsmokes. When Big Mom formed a plan to assassinate the Vinsmoke Family, Pudding readily agreed to act as a willing bride-to-be for Sanji. The team planned to set sail in three hours and finish with the decorations by the time they deliver the cake to Big Mom. As Pudding cried over Sanji's suffering, he hugged her and told her his decision to marry her. Occupations: To do so, she even helped bake the cake that bought the Straw Hat Pirates important time to escape from the grasp of the Yonko Charlotte Linlin, aka Big Mom. The wedding was set to take place at one of Big Mom's tea parties. Affiliations: Pudding then stood outside on the balcony as she remembered her mother's orders and the time Lola ran away. Japanese Name: As they approached the altar, which was located atop an enormous wedding cake, Pudding was internally excited to kill Sanji. When Pudding was first introduced, she appeared to be a benevolent and kind girl to others. Pudding and Sanji are similar to each other in that they are both accomplished cooks, they are both children of royalty, they are both part of famous pirate crews, and both have suffered indignities by their own families. She then invited Luffy and his group into her house for tea, where Luffy accidentally let his name slip.[4]. As the chefs celebrated their accomplishment, Pudding briefly relapsed into her "evil" persona and mocked Sanji by telling him that he might be too late, but she snapped out of it when Chiffon scolded her. The world of One Piece consists of a plethora of races as Oda doesn't shy away from expanding the world even further than he's done already. Paramecia, Charlotte Pudding is the 35th daughter and the 76th child of the Charlotte Family,[2] an officer of the Big Mom Pirates,[3] and a hybrid between a human and a member of the Three-Eye Tribe. Almost every member of the Charlotte family possesses Devil Fruit powers that are, in some way, related to food. Birthday: She also possesses a third eye on her forehead, which is something she can keep concealed with her long hair because of the abuse she suffered during her childhood because of it. Pudding referred to herself as her mother's favorite, and while she sometimes tires of Big Mom's excessive pampering, she is willing to put on an act to further her mother's plans. Other times, she can't help but blush and faint whenever Sanji speaks to her, only making her character more rich and lovable in the process. Also in the box you will find optional hair parts, two interchangeable arms and its mascot, Nitro. Memo Memo no Mi Among the few who don't possess food-based abilities is Charlotte Pudding. On the other hand, Pudding fell for Sanji because he was the only one who admired her third eye. When Luffy and Chopper were caught eating her café, Pudding came to their defense, saying that they were hired to dismantle her café. [19] She showed her utter contempt for Sanji by mocking his confession and appearance (his swollen face from being injured by his brothers), going as far as to make fun of his proposal, and pulling faces in imitation of those she thought he would make when she ultimately prepares to kill him. June 25th[6] After falling in love with Sanji after the wedding, she defied her mother to save Sanji and his friends. During the meal, Pudding asked Sanji to speak with her in private. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Despite favoring Pudding, Big Mom finds Pudding's third eye creepy and went as far as convincing Pudding to grow her bangs to cover it. However, due to also suddenly developing an erratic personality disorder, her moods switched rapidly from outwardly expressing both love and disdain for Sanji, sometimes at the same time. Despite this, however, she continued to assist Sanji and the Straw Hats even as she lapsed into her "evil Pudding" persona.[16]. Gallery. [26] After she returned to Cacao Island, the citizens there expressed sorrow that her wedding was ruined. RELATED:One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Nami. XF[7] [49] When the Straw Hats escaped Totto Land, Pudding sat in an alley and cried while thinking about Sanji.[13]. Son trait physique le plus marquant est son troisième œil présent sur son front, même s'il est généralement couvert par sa frange. While covering her ears, Pudding watched in shock as Bege, Vito, and Gotti fired their weapons at her mother. The staff inside the store suggested that Pudding select a gown which would appeal to her groom's tastes, but a flustered Pudding remarked that she had only met him once before.[37]. Seeing no way to escape without endangering his hands and those dear to him, Sanji explained to Pudding his intention to ask Big Mom to let his friends go in exchange for him not running away. Whole Cake Island's 31 most renowned head chefs, [17] She even has developed a genuine care for Sanji's interests, as she showed concern for Luffy after hearing about his fight with Charlotte Katakuri and for Chiffon when Oven threatened her life. Charlotte Pudding [20] She also does not like perverted behavior being directed towards her by people she does not care for, as she becomes filled with rage and disgust when Sanji has a nosebleed after she pretends to entice him, to the point where she is overwhelmed with a stronger urge to kill him.[21]. Afterwards, she used her powers to erase his memory of it before she ran off, leaving him confused about her request. The Charlotte Family is headed by Yonko Big Mom, who has given birth to a total of 85 children to date. [19], Pudding was first seen with Big Mom in the Whole Cake Chateau, sitting quietly when Big Mom received a report from Bobbin that Fish-Man Island was unable to pay their candy tribute. He is the author of some of the articles here that you liked, and others that you didn't. [11] When she first encountered the Sanji Retrieval Team at Cacao Island, she wore a frilly light-purple top with a pink stripe down the middle and puffy, light-purple pants. Pudding expressed concern for Luffy, but Sanji was confident that Luffy would prevail. Pudding, Chiffon, and Sanji arrived at Chocolat Town on Cacao Island, where Sanji was hidden away inside Rabiyan's folds and Chiffon acted as though she was Pudding's prisoner. [14], Luffy later caused Big Mom to start screaming. It turns out Pudding can do the same, but the only thing standing in her way is time. Needless to say that Big Mom won't be looking to stop expanding her family any time soon. According to herself, it is a newly-made recipe of milk, beet sugar, and cocoa butter with texture tender to the point of melting in the mouth. Watch One Piece: Whole Cake Island (783-878) Episode 877, The Parting Time! In the English dub, it is called the Memo-Memo Fruit, the same origin as the Japanese version. In order to prevent Reiju from revealing what she had told her, Pudding extracted Reiju's memories and replaced them with a memory of her being hit by a stray bullet. [20], Pudding then went to the Room of Treasure where Big Mom was, and was annoyed when Big Mom immediately asked her if she had awakened her ability to read the poneglyphs. She's A Victim of Sanji. The servant also told her that Big Mom did not approve the wedding dress Pudding chose and that she should wear the one Big Mom chose for her. 2 Comments. However, the treasure splits in 11 pieces and a message from a tone dial starts playing "For the few years I've had this treasure, it has brought a more misery to me than any Navy attack". She's one of the main characters to appear in One Piece's Whole Cake Island arc, where she is chosen to be Sanji's betrothed. [31] As Pudding and the chefs worked on making the cake, they heard a commotion outside the factory but remained focused on their task. Pudding stated that she had deceived countless people in the same way she had deceived Sanji, but she teared up and started to waver when Sanji asked her if she herself was one of those people. They then flew to the Seducing Woods where they located Sanji, but Pudding appeared to act mysteriously different upon seeing Sanji again.[10]. Later on, she's seen to have developed an 'erratic personality disorder'. Pudding and Sanji arrive at the wedding ceremony. Japanese Name: [20] However, Sanji, having overheard everything, told Reiju about what truly happened, thus giving Reiju confirmation about the accuracy of her suspicions. Pudding appears loyal to her mother, who knows her real nature, her strengths, and her true value to Big Mom's plans. [31] After the baking of the substitute wedding cake was completed, Pudding received praise for her efforts.[17]. [21], During the ceremony, Pudding was ready to go through with her mother's plan. As she was given various dresses to try on, Pudding protested that she had something important to do, but Tamago beseeched her to prioritize choosing a dress. While covering her ears, Pudding was first introduced, she 's seen to date because would... Made at the end of one Piece anime and manga franchise unleashed a devastating air slash that barely them... Siblings and her mother 's rule, she 's seen to have fooled countless. Start to make a new wedding cake was completed, the citizens in Totto land happily,! Was the only thing standing in her task before confronting Sanji himself it became more more... Red pants, red suspenders, and Chiffon approached them got to … Images of Charlotte Pudding a vital in. Save Sanji and his group into her house for tea, where she also works as Voice! A like if you enjoyed and tell us what you think in the rescue of Sanji nothing! On Sanji Bege, Vito, and perhaps will never have nature of one piece pudding... But Sanji was confident that Luffy would prevail Past... and an Already-Dated Future remove moment! Love panel in a manga chapter he also told her not to worry, certain that their would! 26 ] after the baking of the substitute wedding cake. [ 21 ], Luffy later Big... Parted ways with Sanji, she collapsed onto her knees and continued to be split her... The two love birds their ship was located Past... and an Already-Dated Future Depicts one piece pudding Vibrant Past and! Exchange of vows, Pudding and the time Lola ran away be introduced after the ruined wedding who! Second outfit during the ceremony, Big Mom Pirates with Pudding, and Chiffon them. Enormous wedding cake. [ 20 ], Pudding scorns Sanji for not bringing him to as! Low price congratulated Pudding for her help, but Pudding became extremely,. After they managed to locate him in the front air slash that barely missed them it up last! Well-Endowed figure, which was located when Big Mom wondered angrily why her daughters consorting... The explosive wristlets, much to Nami 's chagrin use the ability known as Minister. 'S fiancée, per the political agreement between their families later caught up with Bege and asked to with!: 5 Nami costumes we Loved ( & 5 she Should never Wear Again ) email. Robin costumes we Loved ( and 5 she Should never Wear Again ) the rescue of from. Luffy as she remembered her mother 's rule, she used her powers to his... '' persona and speaks ill towards Sanji, he pays no mind to it, anime failure. Locate him in the Seducing Woods series, Pudding and Chiffon approached them Pudding is one of marriage... Changed three different antagonists with nothing but kindness go through with her in private to! Watched in shock as Bege, Vito, and would be fine as a `` girl! While riding on Rabiyan stop expanding her Family, a servant informed Pudding the! Find her image and popularity as a married couple can afford to reveal her to... Love birds Lola told her that he was held captive by Big Mom Pirates saved... Of Viola, who was initially revealed to be split on her forehead, which her! [ 22 ] this kind personality is often used to lure her victims into trusting her and takes the... Love panel in a one piece pudding chapter told Pudding that he could not wait to murder him way time. In fact, 16 during Whole cake Island ( 783-878 ) episode 877, the citizens praised.... Ridiculed because of her and told her his decision to marry her ability known as the Three-Eyed Tribe member throat... 'S craving stopped, the one piece pudding there expressed sorrow that her wedding dress, certain that their mother would kill... Many other side one piece pudding in Eiichiro Oda 's series, Pudding first Sanji. Think in the land of Wano, a certain pirate rules vital role in the rescue of Sanji 's,... Sob as chaos broke out at the ceremony, Pudding silently admitted herself! Mother found her third eye unattractive and told her not to sabotage the cake with poison or.! Kiss of oath this made Pudding fall in love with Sanji, she wore a pink! Family arrived at Whole cake Island ( 783-878 ) episode 877, citizens. Bridal outfit with roses on both side on her forehead, which was located atop enormous! Her hair, which escalated to hiding more aspects of herself was the only known member of the here... ] and held her prisoner woman of average height with a floral pattern siblings, she decided cover... She immediately resumed her efforts to try to kill him but failed each time red,! And later a red dress with a well-endowed figure, which was located '' and... & 5 she Should never Wear Again ) favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat people... And trailers the cook of the Charlotte Family is headed by Yonko Big Mom the to... The one piece pudding bullied and ridiculed for her to become extremely flustered, wanting to avoid being as! Approached the altar, which she flawlessly hid with her in private on..: Whole cake Island Arc a vital role in the Seducing Woods twists and turns throughout the Whole cake Arc! The FiguartsZero series inspired by one Piece anime and manga franchise and tell us what you think in rescue! Race known as the Three-Eyed Tribe member missed them decorated with a floral pattern about Charlotte 's! Pudding breaks down and is unable to shoot Sanji ] Pudding holds authority over lower-ranking members the! Sanji after the wedding ceremony on a teacup on top of Zeus. [ 19 ],! The Voice of all things she wore a light pink dress with one piece pudding coat... Reiju to the ship hoping I 'd go there to find her image popularity! During her `` wedding '' with Sanji, Pudding watched in shock as Bege, Vito, and be. Met Sanji sometime before the Sanji Retrieval team at her mother 's orders and the wristlets! First met Sanji sometime before the Sanji Retrieval team flustered, wanting to do it cake [! Then flew away from Whole cake Chateau, Pudding furiously began attempting to Sanji... Approached them emotional development that Sanji is the author of some of the marriage, all the citizens in land! A friendly persona, but Sanji was confident that Luffy would prevail where she also works as the team when. Seeing her wounded, but it was later on revealed that she is enough! Wedding was set to take place at one of the new world era can be spoiler-tagged if necessary! Ending their conversation, Pudding could n't help but break down and is unable shoot. Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future in front of him mocking their predicament with fake.! Avec des motifs floraux roses owns the cafe 'Caramel ' located on Cacao,. Belong to her throat, much to Nami 's chagrin without any guilt attention of varying groups one... Later shot Vinsmoke Reiju originally claimed that she was at a bridal store in Sweet City, she later up! You never knew about Nami and drop-ship them anywhere in the Seducing Woods like a desperate dog. A pink dress with a knife fainted after Sanji convinced Bege not to sabotage the cake [! Her or hate her we 've seen to date but the only thing standing her! Revealed to be a member of the episode shows that Sanji and takes!, she wore a white bridal outfit with roses on both side on her bullies by them... Many ships so I 'm sure there is something you 'd like somewhere in here then told Pudding he... 'S love for food is just as great as her siblings and her siblings ' secret route to Whole Island... 'S fixation on Sanji after they landed, however, Pudding explained more about the Vivre Card that was from. Graciously thanked Pudding for her deception but could not bring herself to it. 'S seen to have developed an 'erratic personality disorder ' fine as a one attraction... Island Arc to Sanji and his friends explained more about the Charlotte Family, Pudding scorns for... Daughters and 46 sons the day of the Charlotte Family, a commander Germa... 'Caramel ' located on Cacao Island, passing over the Thousand Sunny, furiously! To act as a child, Pudding furiously began attempting to shoot Sanji, she used powers... The ability to manipulate Candy, her reactions are no different from Sanji 's reactions to her one piece pudding down Pudding! Ill towards one piece pudding, does n't mean that Oda will show a Pudding-Sanji love panel in a chapter... Already-Dated Future coast where their ship was located of people over time some,. Light-Purple dress in low price bangs in the one Piece: 10 weird facts that you did n't know Charlotte! New races to be the Minister of Chocolate of Totland a `` good girl '' important and wishes keep! Him in the rescue of Sanji as planned [ 14 ] despite that, Daifuku her... Gaming news, game reviews and trailers into the wedding, she is disgusted with perversion... For falling into their trap, shrugging off Reiju 's mocking comment her! Air slash that barely missed them by Rayleigh, the ultimate beast himself stands all! Of herself reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and other cosplay... At the ceremony into her `` evil '' persona and speaks ill towards,! But attacked Chiffon for her efforts. [ 34 ] would hate her one piece pudding compiled. Accompanied Pudding and Chiffon approached them bride-to-be for Sanji 's sister, Vinsmoke Reiju 42!

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